About me

'Most of the judgments I feared, stemmed from my sexuality.'

Learn to let go of fear AND shame

My story

To come forth with all that is, one of the hardest things there is. Before I could help others, it was time to face my own fears and insecurities. The belief that I wasn’t good enough, had a firm hold on me even years after my coming out.  
Be welcome with all who you are. It never felt natural to me.

At the age of eight, I survived a serious burn accident. I became insecure about my body. Shortly afterwards, when I discovered that I am attracted to men, I turned inside myself. Outwardly I adapt effortlessly, inside I felt extremely lonely and not seen and heard.

After my father died of an alcohol addiction, I realize I didn't want to live like this. I left the financial world I worked in and studied to become a trainer and coach. There I discovered that most of the judgments I feared were deeply rooted in myself. And a lot of that could be traced back to what I had learned about intimacy and sexuality.

I had a long way to go in experiencing what happens when I dare to emerge. With everything there is. My longing and my lack. My joy and also my shame, fear and sadness. How only then can peace and connection arise.

This is also an essential part of how I work. Showing you and experiencing what happens when you can embrace the whole story. So that you can live life to the fullest.
René brings a lot of peace and space, which made it easy for me to share personal things. He clearly shows how you can connect in a way that suits me.
Certified Trainer & Coach  

My approach

Coaching is about looking differently at situations and practicing new behavior. Sometimes that might feel exciting and unsafe. You encounter fear, anger or sadness. Or you become aware of your deepest desires or what you once missed so much. 

I'll bring you where it gets exciting
I quickly and carefully create a safe learning environment, so that it can also be unsafe at times. Because as a coach, I take you there where things get exciting or complicated. By questioning you and naming what I hear and see. And with humor and playfulness, because then there will be space again to do things differently.

This is how I help you set goals, break through what's holding you back, learn new tools, put them into practice and then celebrate successes and reflect on the progress for some fine-tuning.

Beyond the judgment lies freedom
Many of my interventions are based on NLP and Transactional Analysis. These behavioral and communication theories are about the personality of people. It helps you to look at yourself and what is there without any judgement. In this way you learn to recognize and break old, non-functional patterns and you see what other options you have to achieve your goals or intentions.
My background  
  • Maskmakers 2.0, Life in progress
  • Shame & Internalized Oppression, Pink Therapy
  • Master Trainer, Phoenix
  • Master Transactional Analysis, Phoenix
  • NLP Practitioner, NLP-NU
  • Professional Trainer, Trainers Academy
  • Professional coach, Trainers Academy
  • Bachelor of Communication
  • Trainer of The Year 2017/18
  • Most Inspiring Learning Journey
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