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If you're a bit like me, you might be critical and hard on yourself. Good is never good enough, because something can always be done differently or better. If you want to break through this dynamic, you have to invest in the relationship with yourself.

In this ebook I share five techniques to feel confident. Plus practical exercises that you can immediately apply into your daily life.
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How I can support you:
  • Self Love Course - Learn step by step how to build a positive self image.
  • Men's Group - Find out how other gay men deal with issues such as intimacy and sexuality.
  • Coming-out program - If you could use some support before, during or after your coming-out.
  • Individual coaching - If you want to improve the relationship with yourself or others.
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René brings a lot of peace and space, which made it easy for me to share personal things. He clearly shows how to connect in a way that suits me.
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