Terms & Privacy Policy

On this page you can read under which conditions I offer my products and services. I also explain in clear language how I handle your personal data. 

1. Chamber of Commerce registration

My company René Luisman Training & Coaching is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands under number 59693908.

2. Privacy Policy

When you've had a coaching session or made assignments in a course, you don't want snoopers. No uninvited guests who know what we have discussed. Or worse: who make off with your personal data. That is why I never share your data with others. Below you can read how I handle your data.

2a. Online courses 

All answers you enter in an online course are only visible to you and me. Sometimes I use answers or results from online courses to research or promote my products or services. I always make sure that the answers are anonymous, so that they cannot be traced back to you. Would you rather not? Then you can report this to contact@reneluisman.nl.

2b. Conversation Reports

After a coaching session I write a conversation report. These conversation reports contain the broad outline of what we discussed, which exercises I have used and what I may want to discuss in a subsequent conversation. To ensure your privacy, I lock the conversation log folder with a password. I also only mention your initials in these conversation reports, so that these conversation reports cannot be traced back to your private data. Do you want to request a report or have it removed? Please contact me at contact@reneluisman.nl. After seven years, I'm deleting the reports.

2c. Newsletter

Did you sign up for my newsletter via my website? Then you will receive a monthly newsletter with events, blogs, exercises and tips to develop yourself. You can easily unsubscribe at the bottom of each newsletter.

3. Invoicing

If you use my services or products, you pay in advance via the website. You can pay with iDeal or credit card.

4. Access to course or coaching

After payment, your purchase is final. You then have 12 months access to the course you purchased. Also for coaching, you can schedule the sessions within 12 months via my agenda. Are there circumstances that make it impossible to use this within 12 months? Send a message to contact@reneluisman.nl.

5. Canceling

All purchases are final; no refund will be made. Coaching sessions are personal and cannot be transferred to others.

5a. Canceling or changing coaching sessions

It can of course happen that you have to cancel a coaching session, for example because you have another important appointment. You can change the date of a coaching session up to 24 hours in advance free of charge. To do this, use the link in the appointment confirmation. Changes made within 24 hours will be charged for the full session.

6. Liability

As a trainer and coach I try to work as carefully as possible. I do this by listening to you, advising you and in some cases referring you to other care providers. You are at all times responsible and liable for your own choices, decisions, behavior and for the consequences thereof. Barring intent or gross negligence, my maximum liability is the amount charged.

7. Code of Ethics / Certified NOBTRA trainer

As a professional trainer and coach, I find care, respect and integrity very important. Because I propagate these values in my working method, I am registered as a recognized NOBTRA trainer. This is the Dutch Order of Professional Trainers. These values are laid down in the NOBTRA Code of Ethical Conduct (EGC).

7a. About this Code of Ethics (EGC)

The EGC provides trainers with starting points and guidelines to act responsibly in virtually all situations they may find themselves in during the exercise of their profession, with the main aim of promoting the well-being and safety of the individuals and groups they work with. The EGC thus offers trainers a solid foundation of standards and values on which they can build during the exercise of their profession.

7b. Complaints

Of course, I hope you'll contact me first to discuss what's going on and how we can fix it. Can't we figure it out together? In the event of a violation, you can contact the NOBTRA as a client, after which the complaints committee will set up a complaints procedure.

Do you have questions?

Please contact me at contact@reneluisman.nl.
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