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Learn how to build a positive self-image step by step. In six interactive modules you explore how shame affects your life and how you can improve your relationship with yourself and others.
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What if shame dominates your life?

It is often easy to love another. But accepting yourself, with all your positive and less positive qualities, is often a lifelong job. Many gay men grow up thinking that there is something wrong with you or that you are not good enough.

The shame and insecurity that comes from this affects the relationship with yourself and others. You shut down, adapt or keep searching for validation. But time and time again you get disappointed. Because it's never good enough.

Self love starts with you, not someone else. Stop judging or punishing yourself. Stop looking for validation only from others. Instead, learn to see yourself differently. To appreciate yourself for who you are. So that you become the man you want to be.

So are you often critical of yourself? Does the shame of who you are get in the way of connecting with others? And do you want to improve your self-image? Then this online course is especially for you.

Every relationship is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. When you learn to love yourself, you are better able to form loving relationships with others.   

Learn step by step how to love yourself

What's included in this course?

Six lessons consisting of:
 Interactive content
 Self tests and assignments
 Guided meditations
 Work sheets
Lesson 1. Putting yourself first
The relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in your life. Discover how you can build a positive self-image with self-compassion and by consciously choosing yourself.
Lesson 2. Your ideal versus real self
The bigger the distance between who you are and who you want to be, the more shame you experience. Explore your shame and determine who you really want to be.

Lesson 3. Reduce your self-criticism
What beliefs do you have about yourself, your manhood and your homosexuality? And how do you deal with that critical, inner voice that condemns, undermines or disapproves you?
Lesson 4. Regulate your emotions
Do you often overthink situations or feel overwhelmed? Learn to recognize and express your feelings and emotions, so that you can take good care of your own needs and boundaries.
Lesson 5. Let go of shame
Shame is often accompanied by loneliness. Discover how by taking more risk you also increase the chance of recognition and intimacy.

Lesson 6. Maintain the relationship 
Like any relationship, the relationship with yourself also needs constant attention. With these seven principles you keep the relationship with yourself healthy.

What others say

The course gave me concrete tips that I use during dating, for example. I now show more of myself. And instead of worrying about what the other person thinks, I can enjoy the moment. - Dave
The course has given me more confidence. And that pays off, because conversations are often more effective. I dare to speak up. This was one of my learning goals and I have grown strongly in that. - Rutger
An inner journey, with many personal insights, that have made me feel more confident. - Mike

Three steps to a positive self-image

 1. Choose yourself consciously

By purchasing this course you take a first, important step towards a more positive self-image. You can get started right away. The course contains about 20 hours of interactive content and assignments. 

 2. Develop a positive view of yourself

With the assignments you examine which beliefs you have formed about yourself and your homosexuality. You replace limiting beliefs with beliefs that are more helpful. And you collect positive facts about yourself, which improves your self-image.

  3. Practice with firmness and confidence

Every person is different. What works for someone else may not work for you. That's why each chapter contains three challenges. This way you choose how you will apply the insights in your own life. And with 12 months of access, you can practice until you feel confident.
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Do you want to study on your own?

Start learning today how to love yourself.

 Reduce shame and self-criticism
 Develop a positive self-image
 And build a healthy relationship with yourself
You follow the course in your own pace.

Or combine it with 1-on-1 counseling?

Together we create even more impact.

 Access to the online course
 Five personal, in-depth sessions
 Customized and focused on your goals
You control the pace and topics of the online sessions.

Proven approach in this online course

Rene Luisman is a certified coach who has specialized in counseling gay men. Men who, just like he himself once, struggle with shame and insecurity. Who want to learn to live with confidence.

His approach is personal and thorough. And with his knowledge of online learning, he has developed a high-quality course that allows you to independently build a positive self-image step by step.

As a teacher, Rene works for the TrainersAcademy. Here he teaches trainers how to authentically guide people in their learning process.

In 2017, René was Trainer of the Year at the Dutch Professional Association for Trainers (NOBTRA).

Frequently asked questions

How long can I access the online course?

You have access to all course content for an entire year from purchase. This means that you can go back as often as you like to view the modules again and, for example, try out a new challenge.

Do I have to do the modules in order?

No. All modules are available to you as soon as you enroll. I recommend doing them in order, but you have the freedom to pick and choose as you like.

How much time will I spend on this course?

If you follow all modules and assignments one after the other, you will be working on this for about 20 hours. However, I recommend that you spread it over several months and, for example, study an hour every week. That way you get the most out of this course.

Improving your self-image is a process that takes time. The more often you practice new behavior, the bigger the chance of lasting change. The numerous exercises and challenges in this course, will help you to integrate the insights in your own daily life.

What if I need 1-on-1 support?

You may feel the need to talk about a topic while following the course. A theme or a question that you want to explore further with me. If this is the case, you can book a coaching session at any time. On this page you can choose from one or more sessions.
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