1 on 1 coaching

FIND BALANCE & confidence again

When life confronts you with pain, sadness or setbacks, you may develop mechanisms to protect yourself. You adapt, seek distraction or avoid similar situations. And in the short term, this helps.

But there comes a time when it gets in the way of your happiness. At such a moment, coaching is a powerful way to recognize and break through non-functional patterns. So that you find balance and confidence again.

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The session was very valuable to me. Rene is empathetic, and also very sharp. The questions he asked quickly got to the heart of my question and underlying theme. The conversation gave me insights that will benefit me for the rest of my life.

So, what's your goal?

Build your self-esteem
The extend to which you accept yourself, affects the relationship with yourself and others. Negative thoughts, for example about homosexuality and masculinity, prevent you from living fully.
Overcome negativity
Fear or insecurity often go hand in hand with shame and loneliness. Instead of being in the moment, you worry about what possibly could go wrong. This will affect your spontaneity and happiness.
Whether you're in your 20's or 50's, the moment you come out is usually a significant and life-changing event. Finding a balance in  staying true to yourself and dealing with expectations of others.
As a gay man you often have to deal with stigmas; inside and outside the LGBTI community. Stigmas around masculinity, sexuality and HIV. This requires firmness and resilience.
Create more intimacy
Intimacy is about opening yourself up to others. To once protect yourself, you may have developed patterns that keep others at a distance. But for true connection, vulnerability is essential.
Improve your sexuality
In a world where love and lust are easily confused, you also have to deal with games people (un)consciously play. If you recognize your own authentic needs and desires, you can act accordingly.

What others say

René immediately created a safe atmosphere. With interventions aimed at head and body, he ensured that it did not remain superficial, but really gained depth.
Because Rene asks very specific questions, I get closer to my own questions and answers. In this way I learn to view situations in a different way, which leads to clarifying, new insights.
René has created a nice, open atmosphere, which invited me to show my vulnerability. Something I normally find difficult to do, but I'm glad I was able to experience it this way. Very grateful for what I've learned.

About my approach

Personal & professional

Trust is essential in coaching. To know that you are in good hands. That what we discuss stays between us and that you are dealing with a professional, certified coach who understands his profession.

Focus on your goals

You come to me because you want to change something. We set goals together, so we can check whether we are on the right track. Along the way we  reflect on the steps you have taken and do some finetuning.


Good insights alone will not get you anywhere. To recognize and break through non-functional patterns, I combine reflection with practical exercises. This way you learn how to integrate the insights into your own, daily life.


Many gay men struggle alone. I provide a setting in which you learn to connect and lean on others. With humor and eye for your strength and potential, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.

Choose your plan

30-minute consultation

Free / 30 minutes
Wondering if coaching is for you? In this consultation we will explore your question. This way I get a good picture of what you want to achieve and you can see if we're getting along.

  • Free, without any obligation
  • Pick your date & time
  • Online via Zoom

Single Session

Breakthrough Session
€ 150 / 90 minutes
Some situations require a different view or approach. Like a difficult decision or a stressful situation. In a single session, we investigate a specific question and you get tools to take the next step.

  • No waiting list
  • Pick your date & time
  • Online via Zoom

Five Sessions

€ 699 / 5 x 90 minutes
Having bi-weekly or monthly sessions is a great way to set goals, unpack what's holding you back, learn new tools, put it into practice, and then reflect on the progress for some fine-tuning.

  • Save 51 euros
  • Expandable with single sessions
  • Online via Zoom

             All prices include 21% VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

How does 1-on-1 coaching work?

We have a 1-on-1 meeting every two weeks or monthly. The sessions last 90 minutes and take place in person or via Zoom. Your question is the starting point and I support you to achieve your goals.

Are you certified?

Yes. After my bachelor in communication I followed several studies to become a professional trainer and coach. I am a member of the Dutch Association of Professional Trainers (NOBTRA) and The Gay Coaches Alliance. In 2017 I was named Trainer of the Year.

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Coaching and therapy both deal with mental health and can overlap. Usually, coaching is an action and solution-oriented approach to overcome a challenge or achieve a result in your life. Therapists can diagnose and prescribe treatment, while coaches cannot. 

Not sure what best suits your current situation? I can advise you in this during a free consultation. And if our sessions show that you are a better of with therapy, I will refer you to a therapist.

When will I see results?

Learning new skills requires time and commitment. In doing so, I will provide you with all the tools and resources at my disposal to help you achieve your goals. Usually after five to eight sessions you have enough tools to continue on your own.
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