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I often felt frustrated and insecure about my homosexuality. Many contacts remained superficial and general. Through this program, I no longer see my homosexuality as a burden, but rather as a personal quality and a strength.
When I dated guys I had a lot of trouble opening up. I was constantly overthinking and judging myself. Now that I dare to share my feelings with others, I see that I am not alone.
The course gave me concrete tips that I use during dating, for example. I'm showing more of myself now. And instead of worrying about what the other person expects, I enjoy the moment more.
René immediately created a safe atmosphere. With interventions aimed at head and body, he ensured that it did not remain superficial, but really gained depth.
René created a nice, open atmosphere that invited me to show my vulnerability. Something I normally find difficult to do, but I'm glad I was able to experience it this way. Very thankful for what I learned.
I felt heard, recognized and understood. René's ability to name and specify exactly how I feel and what I want to say is impressive.
René brings a lot of peace and space, which made it easy for me to share personal things. He clearly shows how to connect in a way that suits me.
I found it difficult to connect at times, like I was afraid to show my true self. I thought it was because of my late coming out. The coaching has made me more aware of what I do and how I can improve my relationship with others.
René is a calm, very accessible coach. Because he asks very specific questions, I get closer to my own questions and answers. This way I learn to look at situations in a different way, which leads to enlightening, new insights.
I had a number of conversations with Rene about my career. Not only did I receive many practical tools, but we also looked at underlying values that are important to me. That helped me to gain more insight into my own motives.
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