Go for the long-term change

Five Session Package

Having weekly or bi-weekly sessions is a great way to set goals, unpack what's holding you back, learn new tools, put it into practice, and then reflect on the progress for some fine-tuning. This package contains five ninety-minute video calls via Zoom. 

How does it work?
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Meet the Coach

Who is René Luisman?

As a coach, I take you there where things get exciting or complicated. By questioning you and naming what I hear and see. And with humor and playfulness, because then there is room to do things differently.

This is how I help you set goals, break through what's holding you back, learn new tools, put them into practice and then celebrate successes and reflect on the progress for some fine-tuning.

I live and work in The Hague, The Netherlands. And with a partner in Los Angeles, my biggest challenge is staying connected in both worlds.
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