Terms and conditions mentoring program

Because we believe it is important to act professionally and with integrity, we have drawn up a number of conditions. When a participant or mentor agrees to the mentor program, they agree to the terms and conditions below. If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@reneluisman.nl.

About this initiative
The mentor program is an initiative of Gay Men Coaching, part of René Luisman Training & Coaching. This company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands under number 59693908.

The purpose of the mentoring program
The mentoring program aims to support boys and men before, during and after coming out. This can be in the form of offering a listening ear, sharing their own experiences and exploring how the participant can deal effectively with situations.

Participant requirements
  • The minimum age to participate is 18+ years old. If the participant is younger, he must send a written agreement from a parent or guardian to contact@reneluisman.nl.
  • The participant speaks Dutch or English. The program is international.
  • The participant is motivated to work on his own development for six months. During this period he has bi-weekly contact with his mentor. A certified coach will contact you monthly to discuss progress.
  • A one-time contribution of 75 euros. This gives the participant access to six months of guidance, monthly workshops and the interactive module 'How to be gay'. No refunds are possible after registration.

Mentor requirements
  • The minimum age for mentorship is 25+ years. In addition, the mentor should be openly gay, so that he knows from his own experience what it means to come out.
  • The mentor is fluent in Dutch or English.
  • The mentor is available for six months to guide a participant online. Prior to the process, the mentor follows an intake interview with a certified coach and an onboarding program.
  • The mentor maintains a professional distance from the participant. All sexual innuendos are unacceptable and will result in immediate termination of the mentorship.

Privacy Policy
The participant and mentor are both expected to handle personal information that is exchanged between them with care. This means that this information is not shared with third parties. Information that the mentor and participant shares with Gay Men Coaching is stored in a secure environment and destroyed on request.

The participant is at all times responsible and liable for his own choices, decisions, behavior and for the consequences thereof. The role of the mentor is supportive. Barring intent or gross negligence, the maximum liability for Gay Men Coaching is the amount charged.

Complaint procedure
If a participant or mentor is dissatisfied with the approach or if there is question of transgressive behaviour, he can e-mail this to contact@reneluisman.nl. Each report is thoroughly investigated by hearing both parties and looking for a suitable solution.

Do you have questions?
Please contact us at contact@reneluisman.nl.
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