Remaster Your Life

There can be several reasons why you are not satisfied with your current life. You feel stuck or lost in life, your work doesn't give you satisfaction or you long for someone who is there for you unconditionally.
This intensive program will help you to improve the quality of your life. So you can live the best version of yourself.
€ 2.225      9 months      20 sessions (online and/or in The Hague)
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This program is for men who

are dissatisfied with themselves
feel stuck in their personal or professional lives
want to take the next step but don't know how
are frustrated because they have already tried everything themselves
want more, but sabotage themselves somewhere in the process
are motivated to work together intensively for 9 months
want to get the best version out of themselves
Even if that means that it sometimes gets difficult, tough or confrontational.
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If this resonates with you, we will spend nine months working on these themes:
What life events shaped you. What patterns have you developed to protect yourself. How do you see yourself. How does homosexuality play a role in this. What are your qualities. What are your ambitions. Where do you keep yourself small. What are your triggers. What gives you satisfaction. How do you set boundaries. What have you missed in life and what is your biggest longing. Which parts of yourself do you show easily. Which parts do you rather hide. How do you deal with intimacy and sexuality. What is your life mission. Where do you have potential to grow.
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Set goals. Explore. Reflect. Take risks. Make mistakes. Reflect again. Adjust. Grow. And celebrate your successes.

What the program includes

The program lasts 9 months and includes:
  An online intake form
  A personal intake in which we explore your situation and goals
  A plan of action around three specific life and/or career goals
  A career scan that gives you insight into your interests, drivers and competences
  Twenty online or offline sessions (60 minutes per session) in which we work towards your goals
  Assignments to transfer the insights into your daily life
  An evaluation after four months to determine whether we are on track
  A final evaluation to celebrate your successes

What the program brings you

 You know what your values are and how you give substance to them
 You have more confidence in your own abilities because you know what your qualities are
 You recognize your pitfalls and where you have potential for growth
 You recognize different communication styles and can apply them
 You recognize your pitfalls and where you have potential for growth
 You are aware of how you come across to others and when this is effective and when it is not
 You know in which sectors and professions your interests and qualities come together
 You have a clear goal for the coming years and know how you want to work towards it
All this gives you a grip on your life so that you get more satisfaction from the things you do.
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About me

As a coach I am thorough, vulnerable and encouraging. My goal is simple. To do everything I can to facilitate your learning process so you can achieve your goals. I do this by asking questions, reflecting on your behavior, raising difficult topics, challenging you to speak up and show you ways to do things differently. 

As a result you get aware of non-functional pattern, see your full potential and get encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and experience with new, more effective behavior. 
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Are you ready

to remaster your life? | to break-through old patterns? | to become the best version of yourself? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this program?

During the intake interview, we determine together what you want to work on. These can be personal and/or work-related goals in the field of (personal) leadership, communication and career. There is often overlap between these themes. When you learn to live with more confidence you will see improvement on different aspects of your life.

Is this program reimbursed?

Some employers reimburse this program because you will grow as a professional and it might help you to grow in your career. Discuss the options with your employer. If your employer pays the invoice, please contact me at so I can email you the invoice. 

How much time will I spend on this program?

In nine months we have an intake interview, you fill in a digital career scan and we plan 20 sessions of 60 minutes at a time that suits you. In addition, I will give you assignments. On average you spend about 2 hours a week in total on this.

What do I learn in this program?

Together we set three personal and/or career goals. During our sessions I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and practice new behaviors. To do things that you find challenging, with the aim of growing. We focus on what is already going well and where there is room to improve. 
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