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Meet other men. Share what's on your mind. And learn with and from each other about how you were formed as a man, how homosexuality plays a role in this and how you deal with themes such as intimacy and sexuality.
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 This group is also available in Dutch
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Men learn best from other men

By watching other men you learn about yourself and your own masculinity. But many gay men grow up without a role model. Someone to look up to and teach you how to survive in a world where you are different.

When you have missed a role model, it sometimes feels lonely. You solve difficult situations on your own or avoid them. And you prefer not to talk about your feelings. Because if you do, then drama quickly ensues.

What would it be like if you learned to open up again? To find support from other men, who may be walking around with the same issues as you. About how to stand your ground as a gay man, how to enter into and maintain meaningful relationships and how to deal with themes such as intimacy and sexuality.

With this men's group I offer a safe environment to meet other gay men and to talk to each other, to hear and support each other. And to learn from other men.

Do you recognize this?

 You find it difficult to feel your emotions
 You find it hard expressing what is going on inside you
 You often worry about what others think of you
 You often feel unheard or misunderstood
 You rather avoid conflicts
 You keep others at a distance
Many gay men struggle with similar questions
When you grow up in a world where you are different, you sometimes learn that it is unsafe to be yourself. So you push your feelings away or adapt, until you don't know who you really are anymore.

What you get from the men's group;

 Feel supported by men who understand you
 Reduce shame by sharing your story
 Learn to look at yourself in a positive way
 Find out how other men handle situations
 Practice new behaviors in a safe environment
 And meet up with other men
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How does the men's group work?

Meet up, share & grow together
The purpose of the men's group is to share questions that are on your mind. To learn how to stay connected with yourself and with the other, even when things get complicated. How to stay with your feeling, without being overwhelmed and avoiding it.

The set-up is simple: share what is on your mind at that moment. Everything is welcome, every feeling, every fear, frustration, disappointment or anger, just like every joy or gratitude.

Each session starts with a short round, in which everyone shares what is going on in their lives. There is then room to introduce questions and to discover, practice and learn with and from each other under supervision.

As a facilitator, I facilitate the group and monitor the process. For example, I ask in-depth questions to get you to the core. And I make suggestions to invite you to practice new behavior in the group.

The group is neither a course nor a therapy. We stay in the now more than we dig into the past.

Dates & sign up

There are no groups planned at this time. Follow us on Instagram for updates on new groups.

About me

Rene Luisman is a certified coach, specialized in counseling gay men. Men who, like himself once, struggle with shame and insecurity. Who want to learn to live freely and fully.

His approach is personal, practical and thorough. As a teacher, Rene works for the TrainersAcademy. Here he teaches trainers to guide people in their learning process in an authentic way.

In 2017, René was Trainer of the Year at the Dutch Professional Association for Trainers (NOBTRA).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this men's group for?

This group is for gay men from the age of 21, who want to learn to come to terms with their feelings and emotions and to put them into words. Who are willing to share what concerns them and to hear how other men deal with this.

Can I sign up for a single session?

No. To create a safe and open atmosphere, I ask you to commit to five sessions. If you are unsure whether this is something for you, you can schedule a free consultation in which I will tell you more about the set-up of the evening.

I have another question...

Is your question not listed here? Contact me at or schedule a free consultation.
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