The six stages of the coming out process

Feb 6 / Rene Luisman
Your coming out is like a personal journey of discovery. These six stages are one way to understand this journey. Not everyone goes through the complete journey and/or all phases in chronological order. But it gives you guidance on where you may be in your own process and which challenges you encounter.

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Do you want to come out of the closet, but do you find it challenging? For instance, because you are unsure whether you are bi or gay. Or because you are afraid of how others will react. Coming out is a confusing and lonely quest for many boys and men. But it can also be different. In this program you will be linked to a mentor before, during or after you come out. Someone who knows how scary it can be to come out and is there to support you.

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  • Self Love Course - Learn step by step how to build a positive self image.
  • Men's Group - Find out how other gay men deal with issues such as intimacy and sexuality.
  • Coming-out program - If you could use some support before, during or after your coming-out.
  • Individual coaching - If you want to improve the relationship with yourself or others.
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