What if you could have
True self-love? | More confidence? | Deeper connections?
What if you could have
True self-love? | More confidence? | Deeper connections?

Strengthen your self-image 

Being part of a minority feels lonely for some gay men. You might not feel heard or seen. Or you think you cannot meet the expectations of others. Learn skills to create a fulfilling relationship. With yourself and others.
Getting to know and accept yourself is a complicated and lengthy process for many people. It is no different for gay men. What's different is that you usually haven't had an example to whom to mirror yourself. You find your own way in life.

And if you are to believe social media, everyone has a great life, while you may wonder if happiness is in store for you. Imagine how your life changes when you accept yourself and feel confident in relation to others.

With Gay Men Coaching I offer online courses and coaching to strengthen your self-image. To live an authentic life, where fear and shame won't stop you from living the way you want. In this way you improve the relationship with yourself and others.

Overview services

  Course: For the love of myself
Imagine how your life would change if you had true self love. When you shed your shame and see yourself with different eyes. With a solid foundation of self-love and confidence, you can live life to the fullest.
 Individual coaching
Your greatest strength sometimes lies hidden in the things you struggle with the most. Restlessness, self-doubt or feeling stuck. I help you to focus on what really matters, so that you feel calm and firm again.

So, what's your goal?

Build your self-esteem
The extent to which you have accepted your sexual orientation influences how you view yourself. Negative beliefs about homosexuality can lead to isolation or internalized homophobia.
Overcome negativity
Shame, fear or insecurity can limit you from living fully. Instead of being in the moment you over-think what you could have done better.  That comes at the expense of your spontaneity and happiness.
Whether you're in your twenties or fifties, the moment you come out is usually a significant and life-changing event. You want to stay true to yourself and also have to deal with expectations of others.
As a gay man you sometimes have to deal with stigmas inside and outside the LGBTI community. Stigmas around masculinity, sexuality and HIV. This often requires firmness and resilience.
Create more intimacy
Intimacy is about opening yourself up to others. Patterns you once developed to protect yourself can get in the way of connecting with others.
Improve your sexuality
In a world where love and lust are easily confused, you also have to deal with shortage and desire. If you recognize your own needs, you can act accordingly.
'The course gave me a lot more confidence. And it pays off because conversations are often more effective. I dare to stand up for what I think. This was also one of my learning goals and I grew very strongly in it.'

Authenticity is not about what you say. It's about what you do. 

In my monthly newsletter I share practical tips that you can apply into your daily life.

Frequently asked questions

Why coaching specifically for gay men?
Being part of a minority group can cause stress. Several studies show that gay men have a higher risk of mental health problems than straight men. The feeling of being different can make you feel lonely. Or you experience shame, tension and stress because you believe you cannot meet the expectations of others.
How does Gay Men Coaching help?
As a professional trainer and coach I teach people to deal with fear, shame and uncertainty so you can accept yourself and create deeper connections with others. To make this knowledge and insights accessible to many gay men, I offer a combination of online courses and coaching.
How long can I access an online course?
When you purchase an online course, you get 12 months access to your personal online learning environment. You take the course at your own pace and can practice until you have mastered the skills.
How is online coaching different from in-person coaching?
Coaching helps you achieve specific results in life. You and I don't need to be in the same room for that to work properly.

That's why online coaching is not much different from face-to-face sessions – except that you can follow the session wherever and whenever you want. It also means that you can follow the session where you feel most comfortable, for example from your own sofa.
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